Give Some Help 

It’s an opportunity to make a real difference. Not only to the lives of young people but to the future of the agricultural industry.

The Henry Plumb Foundation aims to support candidates by giving them the ‘leg up’ they need to develop their career in the agriculture or food industry.

How you can help

As someone who has enjoyed a career in food or farming, or with a strong interest, you may wish to support this worthwhile cause. You can do this by becoming a mentor or donating funds to support the work of the foundation.

Either way, it is a ‘win win’ situation. Candidates will be helped to achieve their goals and establish their place in the agricultural industry, and UK agriculture will be enriched by new skills and new ideas, laying the foundations for a vibrant future.

By donating

Launched with a legacy from Lord Henry Plumb, the foundation has a target of £2 million. The vast majority of this will be used to fund the awards: only a small percentage goes towards the foundation running costs.

We’re well on our way to this target, but to ensure that the project is sustainable, fund raising needs to continue and we appreciate all support, however large or small.

If you are interested in supporting the Henry Plumb foundation, then please click here for more information.