Jill and David’s visit to the House of Lords - an experience not to be missed!

20th September, 2017

A leisurely breakfast at 8.00am in the refurbished dining room at the Club and then a quiet walk in good Autumn weather along the embankment to The Houses of Parliament. Having arrived in plenty of time there was an opportunity to walk past Parliament to Victoria Tower Gardens where advantage was taken of a photo opportunity. A short queue later through a very efficient security and we found ourselves in Westminster Hall a building which we learnt had played a significant part in British history for getting on a thousand years.

Jill and David take up the story “We had a wonderful day, a most informative tour kindly arranged by Sybil Crowther, long-time Secretary to Lord Plumb, and the tour guide a former secretary to several different MP’s imparted her deep and comprehensive knowledge of the building, the history of each room in which we found ourselves, with the tour itself ending in the room reserved for Her Majesty the Queen to prepare herself for the Opening of Parliament.

We were then joined by Lord Plumb who introduced us to the Peers Bar and then very kindly took us all to lunch in the Peers Dining Room. A real treat.

Finally we found ourselves with a place in the Gallery which overlooks the Chamber where the Lords Question Time was taking place. Having gone through earlier in the day and been reminded about the Woolsack and all the associated history and the relevance of the seating arrangements, we really felt we’d had a wonderful experience, a real occasion to remember, thoroughly appreciated by us both and our sincere thanks to everyone who played a part in making it so special, the Henry Plumb Foundation team and of course Lord Plumb himself.

John Thorley