Family and Trustees of the Henry Plumb Foundation outside the Lord’s Chamber for Lord Plumbs’ valedictory speech on Thursday 2 November 2017

Respect across the House of Lords as Lord Plumb steps down

8th November, 2017

During an agriculture debate tabled by Lord Lindsay which brought forward many well considered contributions, Lord Plumb gave his last speech to the house after 30 years, demonstrating his deep understanding of the issues the sector faces alongside a statesmanship which the industry will find hard to replace. 

All members without exception from all sides of the house provided their own personal tributes providing a vivid picture of a man who has held the highest office in the EU and the NFU and defended and enhanced the agricultural industry’s interests with intelligence, guile and a human touch that has enabled him to achieve so much in a long and distinguished career.  Recognising his unstinting and lifelong support of young people and the role of mentors in his career, the Henry Plumb Foundation was acknowledged by many members as a fitting legacy, particularly at this time of great change and opportunity.

At 92 Lord Plumb continues to deliver, with a prodigious memory and an unerring ability to put his finger on the key issue and not be side-tracked by the morass of detail.  Attended by family members, friends and Trustees of the Henry Plumb Foundation the day ended with a celebratory dinner at the Farmers Club where inevitably Lord Plumb provided an insight into how he will continue to be involved with and lend inspiration to the agricultural industry.

Presentation to Lord Plumb at the Farmers Club