In October 2012 the Henry Plumb foundation was launched at the House of Lords with the aim of creating a focused, goal driven initiative to support the development of the next generation in agriculture.

Since then there has been:

  • 9 rounds of interviews

  • Multiple applications

  • 54 scholarships awarded

  • Tons of start up businesses developed

  • Positive support from key industry figures and extensive media coverage


The next round of grants will take place in July2017, continuing our positive start towards meeting our aims and objectives:

Our aims

  • To target young people (18-35) who may demonstrate flair in the field of communication and leadership and give them the skills to contribute more effectively for the good of the wider public (Advancement in Life)
  • To provide the means, through education and training, to enable young people (18-35) to think broadly and to present ideas that will drive future food agricultural and environmental development for the good of the general population (Education)
  • To provide the means through travel scholarships and international educational programmes for young people (18-35) to learn about the cultures and international food policies so that the people of the UK will benefit from informed international cooperation (Education)
  • To foster the recognition in young people (18-35) of the importance of working with others. To develop the team approach and enhance the spirit of cooperation (Advancement in Life)
  • To encourage and mentor young agricultural entrepreneurs who are aspiring to contribute to the UK economy but who do not possess that necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their aims (Advancement in Life)

Our objectives

  • To advance education by providing grants to young people between the ages of 18 and 35 to give them opportunities (in all parts of the world) to learn about land based industries which for this purpose includes the enhancement of ecosystems’ diversity, water management, energy production, waste management and food production (“land based industries”)
  • To advance in life young people between the ages of 18 and 35 by providing support and activities which develop their entrepreneurial skills, capacities and capabilities in the land based industries to include but not by way of limitation the skills of innovation, analysing risk and personal communication.

“Lord Plumb – a man that makes things happen.”
Lord Michael Heseltine, former Environment Secretary